Foundation Add-ons

Copper Peptide BotanicalCopper Peptide Botanical

Stimulates collagen, firms skin, and diminshes fine lines.

Coverage EnhancerCoverage Enhancer

Increases the coverage in the foundation.

Fringe BenefitFringe Benefit

Locks in moisture, smoothes and retexturizes skin.


Restores moisture in dry skin.



Give a powdery shine free finish.

Oil ControlOil Control

Purifying, calming oil control.


Provides sunscreen and gives sun protection.


Smoothes the skin (Dry, Sundamaged skin).


Sheers down the foundation.

Ultra FirmingUltra Firming

Gives a instant flash tighting effect.

Ultra LighteningUltra Lightening

Lighting serum that decreases hypigmentation.

Ultra SoothingUltra Soothing

Reduces redness, inflamation, and improves circulation.

Water Proof Mixing LiquidWater Proof Mixing Liquid

Provides a long, waterproof and transfer proof effect.

Ultra moisture lipid complexUltra Moisture Lipid Complex

Multi purpose beauty oil derived from fruit and flowers.

Ultra hydratingUltra Hydrating

Skin firming, super hydrating and wrinkle reducing.

Botanical creme complexBotanical Creme Complex

Adds lubricating and moisturizing qualities to foundation for dehydrated and sun damaged skin.

Beauty BalmBeauty Balm

Hydrates, lightens, hydrates and firms.

Bronze PearlBronze Pearl

Adds a luminous bronze glow to foundation.


Adds a luminious glow to foundation.